Saturday 19 May 2007

Welcome to My first Blog

On the newsgroup "fr.rec.philatelie" I met "Christian", who informs the group, that a new blog for stamp collectors had been created at the French newspaper Le Monde. Now this blog is long gone, but looking at it I got the idea to start my own blog about "philately", of course. I had however to admit to myself, that "blog" is still a word that I am not quite familiar with. I therefore looked it up at Google.

The name "blog" is a truncated form of "web log" according to Rebecca Blood's essay "Weblogs: a history and perspective." Blog is used to refer to sites that can best be described as mini sites or mini directories, populated with the site owner's personal opinions. Blogs are now popular for business use as well.

As part of the explanation I also found an invitation to create my own blog and this challenge I could not resist. I have, as you can see, now created my own blog – it took me five minutes. I have given it an international title "Philately of Today" hoping to attract stamp collectors from all over the world, because its subject will be stamp collecting and philately.

Welcome again! Let’s find out, what we can create together in the fiels of philately using this new forum.

Collectors greetings


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