Saturday 8 March 2008

The Concept of a Newspaper Wrapper

What is a Newspaper Wrapper? Everybody seem to know! But if you have to define a Newspaper Wrapper using words, you end up with the problem of defining an elephant. When you see them, you know them, but describing them precisely and in a non-ambigious way is difficult.

Not wanting to turn this post into a linguistic, philosophical discussion, I will now mention some of the characteristics that I think normally cling to a Newspaper Wrapper:

  • Paper suited to be wrapped around a newspaper or similar object like a band.

  • Open in both sides.

  • Stationery, produced by postal authorities or privately manufactured from a plain piece of paper.

  • Pre-printed postage stamp/postage stamp/pre-philatelic payment.

  • Special cheap postal rate.

    But then, what about the label like pieces of paper stuck on the content? Like this one:

    What about a wrapper the content of which is printed on its inside? Like invitation or stock exchange data. What about the old cross-bands?

    Of course as a collector you decide yourselves what to include in or exclude from your collection. If you want to exhibit your collection this however will be some of the issues that you have to clarify and to draw your red lines.

    What do you think of this description of a Newspaper Wrapper? Come and debate with me.

    Have a nice day


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